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Legacy Institute grew out of a vision from Terran Rome of University City, Missouri,  concerning the disparity of black people when compared to other racial groups.  His burden as he put it, “our people are last on every important list”, was heightened by the onslaught of the Coronavirus. Despite politicians promising change, ever-increasing technological advances, and knowledge increasing at an enormous rate, the state of our black community remained unchanged.  Terran shared his concerns and vision with former high school classmates Leslie Jones, Dr. Darryl Bradley, and a few close friends. They decided that something must be done immediately!  A small group of dedicated individuals was formed and after one year of sharing experience and expertise, Legacy Institute was born.  

Legacy Institute’s mission is to leave a L.E.G.A.C.Y behind for minority children to pass down to future generations and build upon the efforts of advancing the African American community in various facets of life.  We share invaluable information that our youth will need as they navigate through life and into adulthood. During eight-week sessions at Confluence Academy Legacy Institute teaches subjects that are not included in schools’ curriculum, including but not limited to the game of chess, Black history, the importance of credit and financial empowerment, real estate, leadership, debate, entrepreneurship and overall personal development, and mentorship.

Our programs have proven to be highly successful, with 100% of enrollment achieving measurable progress and growth. At The Legacy Institute, we are dedicated to providing our youth and parents with the tools and resources they need to accomplish their aspirations. Take a look at our recent projects and see why our youth mentorship programs stand out from the rest.

Creating a postive impact for FAMILIES

Our Impact

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