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Black Knight Chess Tournament 2024

Legacy Institute Presents: Black Knight Chess Tournament 2024

Join us in making a difference! Legacy Institute's mission is to leave a lasting legacy for minority children, empower future generations, and advance the African American community in various aspects of life. In this session, the game of chess is their focus. This will lighten their mind and brighten their future. Join us in this effort and be a part of creating a brighter future for generations to come. We will be holding this tournament on Saturday, August 3rd, 2024, for the semi-final round and the final round on Saturday, August 10, 2024. Legacy Institute will be holding this at Cherokee Recreation Center 3200 S and Jefferson ave Saint Louis MO 63118. We have ages 7-10 on the Little League team, 11-13 on the junior varsity, and 14-18 on the varsity team. 

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In the Legacy Institute Chess Program, we saw the youth’s excitement to engage in chess every week. We wanted to create a program that occurs three times a year in the winter, summer, and fall where our youth can compete in the game of chess to bring the same excitement that our parents have for our youth in sports arenas and put that towards the education of the mental sport of chess. Our goal is to turn chess into a lifestyle and not just a one-time occurrence. We even offer prizes to the winning teams. We have decided to collaborate with other organizations in the community that share the same thoughts and passion to make this happen. The organizations involved in the chess tournament are Legacy Institute,HEC Upward Bound, National Society of Black Engineers, The Village 314, Parks and Recreation, and Cardinal Ritter.


Terran Rome 

Executive Director

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Office Phone: 314-925-8228 

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