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Music/Entertainment Management and Production

The music industry, like music itself, is constantly changing and adapting. It’s a
50-billion-dollar international industry that creates timeless songs and worldwide
superstars. But unlike many other industries, passion plays a big role in those
who are successful in the industry. Since it’s an industry based on an art form,
opinion determines who will and won’t be successful. There are superstars
with limited talent cashing in, while incredibly talented people struggle to
make a living. There are no fast-hard rules set in stone to obtain success in this
industry. This course will walk students through the ins and outs of the aspects
that make up this exciting business. This course will give each student a better
understanding of how the industry works, where opportunities exist and how
to take advantage of those opportunities successfully. Valuable insight and
knowledge will be gained by those looking to be successful recording artists,
those looking to have a career inside the music industry, or anyone simply
looking to get a better understanding of how the industry really works.
Students will enter this course with a variety of interests; they might aspire to
be a successful singer, hit songwriter, music producer, an artist’s manager, or
just to learn more about the business in general and how revenue is
generated. This course will also discuss music supervision and a career that
walks the line between music and film/television.

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