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Black History

Throughout this course, students will gain a sense of deeper
meaning and self-worth as they explore the past, present and future of their
heritage. Students will study the African diaspora, locations black people
descended from, places black people still reside internationally, and the racial
discrimination faced worldwide. They will research and present a notable
African American of their choice; find a book, a poem or a speech by an African
American to present to their peers and break down and discuss current racial
issues plaguing the community and brainstorm solutions. During the final week
of the class, students will present a final presentation to their peers with
content directly related to at least three of the topics discussed within the
eight-week course. Students will experience the history and culture of African
Americans through reading, discussion and activities. They will also analyze
significant people and locations that shaped African American history. In
addition, students will develop their ability to be able to understand,
communicate, brainstorm and implement solutions for current racial
oppression and discrimination.

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