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Business of Music

Songwriting: Create and sell original
compositions to artists or license them for use in commercials, TV shows, and movies.

Music Production: Produce tracks for other artists, including arranging,
recording, and mixing.

Music Licensing: License your music for use in films, TV shows, commercials,
and video games..

Touring and Live Performances: Make money through ticket sales, merchandise,
and sponsorships by performing live.

Merchandising: Design and sell merchandise such as T-shirts, posters, and
accessories related to your brand.

Music Publishing: Manage and license the use of musical compositions,
collecting royalties for songwriters.

Artist Management: Represent and guide musicians in their careers, earning a
percentage of their income.

Booking Agent: Arrange live performances and tours for artists, earning a
commission on each booking.

Concert Promotion: Organize and promote concerts and events, earning revenue
from ticket sales.

Record Label Ownership: Start your own record label and sign and promote
artists, earning a share of their sales and streaming revenue.

Music Education: Teach music lessons, workshops, or courses either privately or
through institutions.

Digital Marketing for Musicians: Assist artists in building an online presence,
managing social media, and promoting their work.

Music Event Photography/Videography: Capture moments at concerts and
events, selling your photos or videos.

Royalty Collection Agencies: Work with organizations that collect and distribute
royalties to artists.

Sound Engineering: Provide services in recording, mixing, and mastering for

Music Technology and Software Development: Develop music-related software,
apps, or tools for musicians and industry professionals.

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