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In the beginning of this course, program participants will start by
learning a brief history of chess, learning about the fundamentals of the game and
familiarizing themselves with the chess board. They will then learn about ranks,
files, diagonals and algebraic notation. Since the object of the game is to win the
opponent’s King, students will learn as much about the King’s qualities and
abilities as possible. Throughout this course, students will learn how the King
moves as well as the element of space; opposition and distant opposition. The
Queen is the most powerful piece in our army, so students will learn about the
various capabilities of the Queen in addition to learning about seemingly minor
pieces like the knight, the rook and the pawn. This course will cover the rules, the
basic strategy and the end game. Similar to our debating course, the top 10
students who perform the best throughout this course, will be selected for a
competitive traveling chess team.

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