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This course will introduce coding to many students for the first time.
It is designed to guide students through resources and activities that will help
them understand the world of computer coding at a beginner’s level. Learning
how to code is similar to learning a new language. The coder must learn a
language of code and this can be challenging for some, but it is simply a
process of inputting instructions into a computing device that results in an
action or output. When students successfully learn to code, they have a
natural feeling of satisfaction and pride. If their earlier attempts are flawed or
need revision, troubleshooting by trial and error engages critical thinking skills.
Coding offers students a challenging, exciting, fulfilling and productive look
into what makes digital sound and motion take place. We know not all
students are not going to become computer programmers, but this is a very
marketable skill in today’s workforce. An early introduction to coding could
prove to be very profitable when students enter the workforce.

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