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In this course students will learn argument and debate
fundamentals including types of arguments, constructing arguments,
defending positions, choosing evidence, documenting sources, studying logical
reasoning, recognizing fallacies of reasoning, cross-examining opponents,
delivering rebuttal speeches, writing debate ballots, and giving oral critiques.
Students will analyze and test sources, evidence, and logic for validity. In order
to accomplish these goals, students will become familiar with using the library
collection, various databases, and Internet websites as research tools
throughout the course. Assigned readings, writings, and research will be
integrated into the course. With all debate formats, students will serve as
moderators. As part of the course requirement, students will participate in a
public forum debates within their class and on larger scales. The course work is
challenging, reasonable, and workable with the other courses a student takes.
The top 10 students with the highest grades, best debates and rebuttals will be
selected to create Legacy Institute’s Debate team and compete against other
debate teams locally and nationally.

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