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This course is designed to instill and develop the leadership
skills already within in each student. One of the most important roles of a
leader, regardless of where he or she sits in the organization, is making
decisions that guide an organization or unit toward success. Leaders make a
variety of strategic and tactical decisions for their group or organization,
including decisions about the strategy of the unit, who is on the team, how the
unit will function, what the goal is and how resources are deployed in pursuit
of a goal. Leading a unit is a complex endeavor that involves vision, passion,
and the ability to make decisions under pressure and uncertainty. Leaders
must possess the ability to motivate others to reach and exceed the
organization’s mission and vision. This course analyzes the relationship
between leadership and decision making, combining classical wisdom, recent
research, theory and practice to teach leadership and decision-making
skills. Throughout the course, the instructor will focus on leadership and
decision making in the business world, politics, the nonprofit world, and in
one’s personal life. We will use a mix of reading, discussion, case studies,
team exercises and reflective exercises to achieve a better understanding
of leadership and decision-making.

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