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Dr. Kennisha Harris is a dedicated individual hailing from St. Louis, MO, with a lifelong passion for education, health, and the arts. She strongly believes in empowering and advancing the African American community. Dr. Harris actively contributes to her community as a long standing board member in the Gravois Park Neighborhood and currently serves on the advisory board. Dr. Kennisha Harris is a proud graduate of Logan University, where she achieved a significant milestone by being the recipient of the Diversity and Inclusion award. Her contributions have had a lasting impact on shaping the diversity and inclusion practices and policies at the prestigious university, which continue to be implemented today. As a homeschooling mother, she imparts her knowledge of science to scholars at the Co-Op. Additionally, Dr. Harris is a mentor to the youth in her community, providing private violin lessons. She firmly believes that mentorship along with agape plays a crucial role in nurturing future leaders. Dr. Harris aspires to improve access to preventive healthcare and education, particularly through chiropractic care. She recognizes that good health, free from dis-ease, is the key to unlocking a prosperous future for African Americans.

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