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Shiron Hagens

Shiron Hagens brings an impressive background and a wealth of experience to the Legacy Institute's Board. Her dedication to community engagement and neighborhood stabilization in St. Louis City's West End Neighborhood is commendable. Her involvement with WeCollab and her efforts to foster a network of community members demonstrate her commitment to grassroots initiatives and community empowerment.

Additionally, Shiron's leadership as President of the University City Swim Club board showcases her ability to navigate challenges and drive organizational growth, even during difficult times like the pandemic. Her experience in both community and corporate settings highlights her versatility and adaptability.

With her expertise in commercial pharmacy rebate contracting at Zinc Health Services and her previous role at Aetna, Shiron brings valuable insights into healthcare administration and corporate strategy to the board. Her educational background, including an MBA from Webster University and a Bachelor's in Healthcare Administration from Lindenwood University, further solidifies her qualifications.

As a dedicated wife, mother of three, and grandmother, Shiron's personal values of family and community undoubtedly inform her work and dedication to making a positive impact. We are fortunate to have someone of Shiron's caliber joining the Legacy Institute's Board, and I'm excited to see the contributions she'll make to our organization's mission.

Welcome, Shiron Hagens, to the Legacy Institute's Board! It's fantastic to have you on board. Your expertise and perspective will surely enrich our discussions and help guide our organization towards even greater success

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